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About this Website

About this Website

My father started researching 'the family' many years ago and a good portion of the information contained here was started by him. Evidently I inherited the curiosity gene.

There are over 1000 individuals in this website all in one way or another connected to one of my four grandparents.

If you share a link or want to know more about a certain invidual, contact me.


Dewdney Store

The Dewdney Store, Dewdney BC, 1913
Home of Henry Watson &
post mistress Ida Kate Watson (Handy)
photo courtesy of Keith Wilson
Wilson & O'Neill of Ireland - immigrated to Canada, South Africa, Australia, New Zealand & Argentina
Handy/Watson family Watson, Handy, Moss, Delong, Baldwin  - early settlers of Connecticut & Upper Canada
of Holwell Dorset, England
Murdock & Hemphill
immigrated to Ontario, Canada from Ireland




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